Can I hook you up with Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection?

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Dear Guitarist,


And it's new, improved, and expanded for 2014!

You're gonna love this Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection that's gonna show you a ton of cool guitar tricks and secrets, like...

Ultimate Guitar Secret #1:

Use the 1-2-3 Learning System
To Play Your Favorite Songs
In Just 15 Minutes A Day,
Starting Tonight...

You'll get a sneak peek at the 1-2-3 learning method, plus I'll show you some killer examples of how artists from Aerosmith to Johnny Cash put chords together to create classic songs.

I'll also hook you you up with my complete easy guide book to start learning all your favorite songs as fast as possible on the guitar.

This guitar course is jam packed full of the coolest info from all of our DVDs. Next we have Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #2:

Play Wailing Leads with
Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple.

I'll give you the fundamental layout of lead guitar with some killer excerpts from Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple , including a detailed electronic book.

This will help you get the foundation of lead guitar playing under your belt. This course will give you the solid understanding of lead guitar, so you can then harness the power of Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #3:

Learn Guitar God Tricks Like
How to Switch Scales Instantly
In the Middle of a Solo
Just Like The Guitar Masters.

Yes, I'll show some guitar god tricks like combining major and minor pentatonics like Clapton, Page, and Hendrix did.

I'll also give you some red hot tips and tricks like using the "blue note" to create cool riffs, licks, and variations.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #4:

Discover Smokin' Blues Guitar
With Red Hot Tabbed Examples.

Plus more secrets captured on video. I'll show you how to play a harmonized blues riff that's killer and I'll also demonstrate some blues lead guitar and how to use call and response phrasing to create some sweet soulful scale runs

Plus you'll get Acoustic Mastery.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #5:

Get the No-nonsense
Straightforward Scoop on
Mastering the Acoustic Guitar.

You're also getting the complete 77 page electronic acoustic mastery book.

Also, Virtuwul shows you some exciting songs , picking patterns, rhythm secrets on video... and more!

Ultimate Guitar Secret #6:

Learn To Play the Greatest
Sounding Jazz Songs of All Times.

I found a groovy dude from Texas who's an absolutely GREAT teacher. I mean, the guy has a great vibe... He makes things incredibly simple and easy to understand -- and actually FUN!

Yes, this guy is "The Dude" when it comes to teaching normal guitarists like us how to get into jazz. His name is Clay Moore and I really think you're gonna dig his teaching style.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #7:

Learn Easy Chicken Pickin Licks
With this Simple 5-step System
That Transforms Your Skills with
NO Boring Theory or Exercises!"

Sol transcends styles as he combines jazz, blues, rock, and country into a hybrid fusion guitar style that breaks down into 5 core components:

  1. Beyond Bending
  2. Fluid Open String Licks
  3. Chicken Pickin
  4. Neck Navigation
  5. Fusion Hybrid Styles

Sol will teach you exactly how to play a killer open string chicken picken lick.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #8:

Learn the Most Masterful Blues
Guitar Arrangements in the World.
These TABS make it so easy,

Yes, with Steffan Grossman's authentic blues teachings and amazingly clear tabs, you'll be playing the best blues guitar arrangements, and it will be Soooo easy, it's almost like cheating.

I'll let you take a sneak peak at the tabs inside this Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection Pacakge.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #9:

Guitar Idol winner gives you
master blueprint for learning
killer chops, famous shred styles,
and advanced instrumental rock.

2-Time Guitar Idol Finalist Silvio Gazquez is going to give you some killer licks and tabs to start supercharging your chops immediately.

If you've ever wanted to play advanced lead guitar and shred with heart and soul, then you will love this because you'll get Silvio's exact instructions on developing world-class shredding chops.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #10:

Freak Yourself Out on the Fretboard
With Sophisticated Fusion Guitar.

Few guitarists will become "guitar freaks". However, if you have the burning desire to possess world-class chops that can truly make the jaw of any dude drop to the floor (including veteran guitar players), then you'll dig the Derryl Gabel's crazy licks and lessons.

The best part is, I've included tons of killer examples from Derryl Gabel's "fusion guitar secrets" in this $1 package.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #11:

Explore Advanced Jazz Guitar with
Fresh Techniques and New Sounds.

Get ready to learn some far out wild electric guitar secrets, just by watching this part of the course.

Larry Coryell is one of the modern masters of jazz guitar and you'll see why after watching this. Get ready to learn some deep jazz secrets.

I promise you'll be blown away and delighted by these advanced guitar techniques and exotic new sounds.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #12:

Easily Recreate Legendary Sounds and Discover Your Own Soulful Guitar Style.

What if you could recreate legendary sounds of acoustic guitar masters both classic and modern?

You'll get some of the best tricks and lessons from Jimmy Dillon's "Modern Acoustic Guitar" course, so you can tap into new acoustic guitar sounds using techniques that are as easy as eating a slice of apple pie.

Want to rock the blues and play some slick slide guitar, practically overnight?

You'll also get the highlights from Jimmy's new "Rocking the Blues Deluxe" course. I'm talking about the exact blues guitar sound secrets that Jimmy learned from recording and playing live with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana!

Ultimate Guitar Secret #13:

Supercharge Your Guitar Chops with The Sickest, Heaviest, Slickest Metal Guitar Ever Put on the Web.

Would you be interested in learning some screaming metal riffs, chugging heavy grooves and crushing sound secrets that will electrify your playing?

Get a taste of perhaps the heaviest guitar course in existence - Metal Mayhem. Even if you're not really "into" heavy stuff, I promise these lessons will help you build up killer endurance in your hands and give you the power to unleash a non-stop barrage of bone-crushing metal guitar.

Ultimate Guitar Secret #14:

Add Some Exotic Spices to Your Guitar Playing With Flamenco and Bluegrass Stylings

If you love learning new guitar techniques and new styles of music, then this Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection is for you.

In addition to everything else here, you'll get some of the keys to playing the exotic, sexy style of Flamenco, with some of the best tricks from our "Flamenco Guitar Secrets" course.

Not only that, you'll also get some bluegrass guitar secrets from a course that hasn't even been released yet!

And TONS more "New for 2014"
Killer Lessons That I Don't Even
Have Time to Describe.

Even if you have one of other free DVDs, this one has a lot of cool new stuff that is NOT on the previous versions, including material that has NEVER been released, ever! You don't want to miss this:

And there's MUCH, much more in the online course...PLUS:

You Get All These Guitar Secrets In This Amazing Package Plus 30 Days Free Access To 14 Killer Guitar Sites And the Guitar God Club

Yes, you get a FREE 30-day pass to the Guitar God Club worth (that's worth 19.95) when you grab UGSC 5.0 .

And if you haven't been part of the club in a while, it has grown by leaps and bounds, with over 1000 video lessons with tabs, over 1000 backing tracks, and best of all, our new live interactive webinars.

By now, you might be thinking...

"How Much Again For This
Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection?"

It's only $1!

I'm Ready to Send You This
Treasure Trove of
Guitar Secrets Right Now.

You also get some wicked bonus reports, jam tracks and more!

There's a world of guitar knowledge to gain and nothing to lose. All I ask in return is you cover the small fee of postage and handling.

Don't forget, you get a huge package of information, online courses, and 30 days access to 14 killer guitar sites, software, live webinars and more.

It's my best deal ever! Click to the next page to get yours while supplies last.

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Rock on,

Claude Johnson

"Claude, you got it all brother, from the sweetest folk/accoustic, to blues jams that always blow me away. This is definetely the best learning package avalible on the net, excellent for begginners and professionals alike....."

Brad M, Australia

"I recently purchased your DVDs. Wow You have given me the keys to my guitar. No stop signs or speed limits. The things you reveal Wow!!!! We are talking your course should be mandatory Wow!!!! Enough Said....Wow!!! Thank You."

Gary Robles, Modesto CA

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